Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Eyelids of Dawn #5

The latest annual edition of The Eyelids Of Dawn is here.

50 copies have been printed and are available at £4.00 plus postage.

This edition continues with the art of 48 representing the eight circuit model of conciousness (circuit five - the neurosomatic circuit), along with the associated poem from C Brownsword’s ‘The Eternally Sucking Gorge of the Void’. Also offered is the usual combination of art, select reviews, fiction and articles on subjects which may or may not be familiar…poliziotteschi, Austin Osman Spare, standardised living… Along with these are selected quotes to encourage thought, discussion and alternative modes of being.

50+ pages, A5, staple bound with a colour cover and black and white on the inner pages.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Eyelids of Dawn #4

Another year gone by, another issue of The Eyelids of Dawn is now available. 

Limited to 50 copies, you can get the fourth issue for £4.00 + postage.

Available now, this issue is a collection of art, fiction, review and thought including an interview with horror legend Brian Paulin, an article on the films of Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo, A Snake of June), an look at Korean Films, short fiction, hallucinatory poetry, choice reviews (The Beyond, Llewelyn Powys and more), rants, art & collage, as well as Circle four poetry/art (the domestic or socio-sexual circuit) and part one of an article looking at some of the top horror films of the 20th century. 

Issue four is 70+ A5 pages in length, staple bound with a colour cover and mono inner pages:

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Eyelids of Dawn #3

The third issue of The Eyelids of Dawn is now available. 

Limited to 50 copies, you can get this booklet for £4.00 + postage.

Coming once again in time for the colder days and nights, the latest issue of the zine features more fiction, art and poetry alongside choice film and book reviews. If you are already familiar with the previous issues, you will know the kind of thing to expect; dark, surreal fiction, abstract poetry, reviews of lesser known films and more, all presented in a pleasing format skirting the realms between zine and journal.

This issue is 60+ pages, A5, staple bound with a colour cover and black and white on the inner pages:

Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Eyelids of Dawn #2

After much silence we are pleased to offer you the second issue of The Eyelids of Dawn

Limited to 50 copies, you can get this 70 page booklet  for £4.00 + postage.

This issue has arrived somewhat late (as it is intended to be a yearly endeavour) and hopefully we can have #3 ready before the end of 2014. Inside this time are offerings from some of the same people who featured in the first issue alongside some new visitors. Together they have provided another disparate collection of fiction, art, poetry, reviews and more....

This issue comprises ~70 A5 black and white staple bound pages with a colour outer cover, as can be seen from the images below.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Scorched Highway (Greyhound Journal)

Our next release is here and is the full version of what some of you may have read in the first issue of The Eyelids of Dawn

Limited to 58 copies, you can get this 70 page booklet  for £2.50 + postage.

"Following a violent confrontation with his girlfriend’s abusive father, the unnamed narrator of this short novel exiles himself in America where armed with few resources beyond a forged Greyhound bus pass and a bottle of bootlegged gin he immediately takes to the road among thieves, prostitutes, heroin addicts, lunatics, and Navajo Indians.

Set against the backdrop of the War on Terror in 2004, The Scorched Highway (Greyhound Journal) is by turns brutal, tender, bleak, self-excoriating, and blackly comical, as the narrator, drifting aimlessly from coast to coast, refracts his experience and idiosyncratic worldview - filtered through an ever disintegrating nervous system - in terse, visceral yet at times poetic prose which reveals a vulnerability and feeling of horror in the face of a cruel and senseless existence.

Influenced by the likes of Denis Johnson (Jesus’ Son), William Burroughs Jr. (Speed & Kentucky Ham), Juan Pedro Gutierrez (Dirty Havana Trilogy), and Charles Bukowski, The Scorched Highway (Greyhound Journal) should appeal to fans of meat-raw dirty realism and uncompromising picaresque fiction."