Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Eyelids of Dawn #5

The latest annual edition of The Eyelids Of Dawn is here.

50 copies have been printed and are available at £4.00 plus postage.

This edition continues with the art of 48 representing the eight circuit model of conciousness (circuit five - the neurosomatic circuit), along with the associated poem from C Brownsword’s ‘The Eternally Sucking Gorge of the Void’. Also offered is the usual combination of art, select reviews, fiction and articles on subjects which may or may not be familiar…poliziotteschi, Austin Osman Spare, standardised living… Along with these are selected quotes to encourage thought, discussion and alternative modes of being.

50+ pages, A5, staple bound with a colour cover and black and white on the inner pages.

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